Thursday, July 12, 2007

that first post was exhausting

and i've been saving my energy to finally give some more news. some quick hits - we saw the yankees (boo!!!) destroy the twins at yankee stadium, cate finally beat me at Scrabble, she watched me play bike polo for the first time (maybe next time we can get her on a bike), watched the first season of the sopranos (continuing the tradition of being at least 3 years behind the rest of america), took the cat's back from lincoln (lola and mowgli - mowgli's my favorite), took the tandem out to sleeping giant state park (around 20 miles all together - we're a lean mean bicycling machine), saw the New Pornographers play a free show in battery park and then later watched the fireworks from our friends rooftop in brooklyn, remarked at how beautiful cate looks (the truth results in eye rolling, not freedom), saw the second of my two roommates leave (wendy moved to boston and then we said goodbye jillian, canada is pretty lucky), have seen three movies in bryant park already, ate at the park in red hook (papusa's and other delights that i cannot remember the name of make me dream of going back), drank Guinness floats (one of the many perks of working at my bar is that i get to come up with new drinks), and, to finish the rapid fire summation, have enjoyed many delectable vegetables that cate receives weekly because she is part of a csa (community supported agriculture - farmers get paid through the community and deliver food to all the members - genius!).

anyway, as this post is pretty far from winning a Pulitzer (can blogs win those?), we will update more frequently in order to cut down on the events listed and increase the commentary (for better or worse). the pictures included are: yankee stadium, cate at battery park, and fireworks

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