Sunday, July 15, 2007

Monopoly Race

We wore our coordinating jersey's for the race - Mark's doubling as cup/camera holder.

Saturday was the day of the big monopoly race. Basically, everyone received a monopoly property, "$1500", and instructions upon where to go. There were four checkpoints plus GO. Each rider had to ride to all the checkpoints in order, roll the dice, and move a piece on the monopoly board (one at each checkpoint) and then add or subtract the amount of money based upon where one landed (railroads and utilities pay, if you land on the color of the property you own, you get paid, if you land on another color, you pay).

We landed in jail once, Cate did five pull-ups and we were free to go. One of our pedals fell off on our fourth lap (i knew it would happen, but it was disappointing nonetheless). We finished (after one hour - the race was two hours long) with $2710 - good enough for 2nd in the women's competition (because one of Mark's pedals fell off, Cate had to pedal for 2/3rd's of a lap so she was the racer) and fifth overall!!!

Cate won some outstanding prizes!!! Mark got to see Cate look radiant in the winner's circle!!! Basically, everyone won - except for the people we beat!!! Cate survived, and thrived in, her first race (cue Destiny's Child). Her biggest challenge lay ahead, though. She now had to pedal the tandem home by herself with Mark playing the role of dead weight. With the help of some inspirational singing by Mark (joe esposito and the Karate Kid soundtrack), Cate reached deep within and laid waste to that challenge as well!!

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jimothy3000 said...

You're the best-- around!
Nothin's gonna ever keep you down!

Mark and Cate, your blog is very cute, keep it up--