Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

Mark's subletter is the trainer for the New Haven Cutters and she hook'd us up with free tickets for Thursday's game. We took the tandem out to the old ballfield (Yale's historic Yale Field [g.h.w. bush played there back in his days]). On deck were the Gray's (they are a travel only team so they grey a lot quicker than other ballplayers), Thirsty Thursday (24 oz. Coors Light for $2), Midget Wrestling (featuring one midget, two floozies, a skinny white kid, an Elvis impersonator, and a large white man pretending to be an Iraqi sultan - the midget and his floozy won - USA! USA! USA! [the camera died before that could be documented]), and more people in line for beer than watching the game.

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