Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where do Cate and I work now?

See below for the pictures of the place that will be paying us for the next few years:

Who wouldn't want to traverse a bridge, spanning a ravine full of redwoods, on their way to work everyday? While neither of us technically has to walk over this, it does lie between our two buildings, so we could manage it if we desired.

Santa Cruz may not be the big city, but we do have all the amenities of the big city, including outhouses!

While beautiful, I can only picture hippies, drum circles, and Phish when I see this. Let's pray that I am wrong.

Not only are there a thousand bike shops in Santa Cruz itself, there is also a Bike co-op on campus

This building houses all of the leftist loons that don't bring any money to the university; regardless of that fact, they've built us a new and modern facility wherein one will find History of Consciousness (HistCon for short), Literature, Feminist studies, etc.

In following the advice of its older sibling, UC Berkeley, Santa Cruz has gotten itself some tree sitters in the hopes of becoming a big time university. We shall see if it will work (The Grateful Dead have already donated their entire collection of DAT tapes to the university's library, so it appears to be working)

And finally, just to prove that we are in the middle of a redwood forest, these three baby deer (fauns?) were having a nice snack next to the main parking garage on campus.

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Jessica said...

I'm loving your blog. I'm also hating my tiny "apartment" after seeing your new place.