Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our New House

Picture time. As you will see, we were pretty stunned by how awesome the place is. With a bit of creative shelf building, we'll have a castle, basically.

In this picture, we see Cate in her new backyard - complete with porch, lilac bush, apricot tree (unpictured - it is directly behind me and provides a modicum of shade for the backyard bench), and yard (which is 'ours", as Dr Phil Scott, MD put it).

Here, we see the narrow, but charming, creek that runs between our backyard and the backyard of Dr Phil Scott's daughter's house (as well as the three dogs they own which we are welcome to pet/play with any time).

In this next picture, Cate is pictured in her new playground. The only differences will be: the door is disappearing in favor of a six foot sliding glass door, the refrigerator is leaving, to be replaced with a new one which will be moved all the way to the left, and, lastly, in the fridge's place will be a brand new oven (which, we assume, will cook evenly - something of a novelty for us).

Pictured here is the soon to be vacant wall (as you can see, the old oven is there now). This wall will be completely empty - amazing.

Lastly, we've got our garden - flowers, vegetables, and other assorted good things growing in the earth. We have been instructed to make this our home, so we are to do what we would like as far as planting or not planting.

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