Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cottage you say?

Yep. The Raschal's have their own cottage in Santa Cruz now!!! The living room is 15 x 13, the kitchen is 11 x 12, the bedroom is (only) 10.5 x 10.5, but there is also a 4 x 4 closet in the bedroom, two closets in the hallway and... drumroll please: a porch, a backyard, and a CREEK!!! Here are some pictures (admittedly not the best - we'll improve on these in August). They are still doing work on the place (they replaced the tile in the kitchen), so what you see here is only a rough approximation of what it will look like. Oh yeah, and we can have a garden in the backyard. Woo hoo!!!

And who helped make this all possible? This man, Andre Willis and his son Coleman. They checked the place out, charmed the owner, took the photos, and, voila, here we are now. Thanks Andre, you're the best.

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assassin said...

raschals, i am so excited for you, and for me when i get to come visit you. gonna see you soon. gonna call you soon.


cate, wanna come to some form of bachelorette?