Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Freedom sucks

So does forgetting to charge the battery of the camera (though, as the camera recently died, who knows whether a charged battery would have mattered or not). Anyway, on the Rashcal's recent trip to Iowa to visit Brett/Tim/Jack as well Dan/Kate, we got stuck in some sort of a "Freedom Ride." Basically, a shit-ton of motorcycles (ranging from Harley's to crotch rockets) are cruising through Illinois in the name of freedom - and slow ass transportation. We were actually stopped on the highway as these clowns made their symbolic ride for freedom (though, on a purely visual judgement of said riders, it would be hard to guestimate the parameters of the freedom they have in mind). They, thankfully, ended their ride at Middle East conflicts memorial.

Iowa was nice: we saw the kernels (the minor league team owned by a popcorn company), played some whiffle ball (beers in one hand, babies in the other), ate some bbq, saw the incredible destruction caused by a flood (in turn caused by the erosion of top soil in an area that never flooded back in the day), and ate a nice brunch on the lawn (babies make less of a mess when they eat in the wild).

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