Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Fun

So, after our epic two week long West Coast jaunt, we're back in NYC (for a month) and ready to give the unlimited space of the internets a bit more color. In this post, we will be mainly concerned with the family dynamic -

First, Cate and I spent a few minutes singing through the top 200 most beloved songs in American History (while we were told we were enjoyable, the justifiably partisan source (Cate's mom) was much kinder in her assessment than I would have been)

The Randall compound on Lake Cushman is about a five minute walk from this beautiful little sight

Next up, the extremely pleasant meeting of the parents: over a lunch at Elliott's Oyster House, sitting on a pier that, in its turn, juts over Puget Sound, the parents got to meet while enjoying the bounty of the ocean. As an added bonus, we've got a game for you - can you spot the differences between these two pictures?

Lastly, Cate and I got to enjoy a few hours with Grandma Doorneweerd (Mark's grandmother). While we dined on Turkey Spam sandwiches, the real treat was the freshly baked blueberry pie. Delicious!

(and no, despite what it looks like, I am not standing on my toes)

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